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Category: Happy Endings

Happy Endings: Sydney

Sydney spends some time playing with toys at his fur-ever home.

A quick note to let you know every human member of our family has fallen in love with Sydney, and he’s beginning to win over cats Spot and Jane as well. Our compliments on your matchmaking skills! Sydney sleeps next to nine-year-old Evan every night. They’ve really bonded, much to Evan’s delight. He wanted me […]

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Happy Endings: Kerwin

Kerwin 3

Just an update on Kerwin. He visibly decided on Sunday afternoon that I was ok and slammed himself into me for pets and attention so we’re doing pretty great together. He’s been doing so well that he got early release from kitten jail and he and my other cat met much sooner than I expected. On […]

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Happy Endings: Floof, Flurry, Dipper & Toyger

Kipp Kittens

Here is a picture of the beautiful, loving litter of kitten that my family adopted from Angel’s Wish. They were born around April 6 so they are around 17 weeks old now. The reason that we wanted to adopt this whole litter is that the siblings are very close to each other and we wanted […]

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Happy Endings: RoeJo (F/K/A Micah)

RoJoe 3

Greetings! We adopted RoJoe (formerly Micah) a week and a half ago. She’s an absolute delight. Her shenanigans always bring a smile. Thank you so much for this little rascal! The Winchester Family Adopted: 7/30/2020

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Happy Endings Piper

The purrrfect new home.

  Piper is settling in quite well and made herself right at home immediately! She is by my side everywhere I go in my apartment and loves snuggling up. Except when I open the sliding glass door, then she spends endless time with her face pressed against the screen looking at everything going on outside […]

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Happy Endings: Ptol (F/K/A Anubis) & Gusto (F/K/A Ramses)

Gusto 3

I wanted to fill you in on the brothers’ adjustment to our home.  They are doing very well – we actually renamed them- The little light gray one is now Gusto – because that is how he approaches life- full speed ahead and whole heartedly! With his brother, we stayed with the Egyptian theme and named him […]

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Happy Endings: Mr. Purrfection and Chairman Fur  

Snuggle buddies for life.

  We want to thank Lois for helping us with the Adoption of Mr. Purrfection and Chairman Fur a couple weeks back! We also want to thank Heather, the foster mom, for keeping them safe and healthy before we were able to bring them to their forever home! Here are some pictures of the two […]

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Happy Ending: Rhea (F/K/A Victoria)

Rhea 3

Everything has gone really well with Rhea. It only took her a couple days to warm up to both dogs and our cat Luna. She stayed shut in the cat room overnight for a week and has been out every night since. She was sleeping between us last night (though we gotta work on her […]

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Happy Ending: Mr. Gus Gustafson (F/K/A Herve)


                  Gus has been part our lives for two weeks and has taken over his kingdom with complete confidence! He explored the house the first day with his tail up and with overflowing curiosity. He has excitedly greeted visitors, put himself in his carrier for his trip […]

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Happy Ending: Xarelta (F/K/A Bobbi Jo)

Xarelta 3

Xarelta, is doing great! Xarelta’s sisters took a while to warm up but Lunesta is now showing her around the WHOLE house and shares the cat tree with her to lay in the sun and watch the birds. You were so RIGHT that Xarelta loves spring toys. She has about 10 of them now that […]

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