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Building For Tomorrow

Angel’s Wish Has BUILT for Tomorrow!

Even though our expansion is complete, we still have naming opportunities available! Learn more about the project below. 

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Angel’s Wish was founded in 2000 by volunteers inspired to create a community where animals were not euthanized for space. We’ve grown from first helping primarily Dane County animals to now helping vulnerable cats throughout South Central Wisconsin…and beyond!

A beautiful opportunity transpired when a donor included us in her will just as the condo units adjoining Angel’s Wish became available for sale. Her donation covered the cost of buying the condo units, and community support helped us complete construction. We joined our new and existing spaces together for an amazing expansion that doubles our footprint and provides better experiences for our cats and the people who love them!

Building better Care Spaces:

Improved Medical Care

When cats arrive at Angel’s Wish, intake exams (which include microchipping, checking for and treating internal and external parasites, ringworm, and other medical conditions) were occuring on a repurposed dining table in a multipurpose room. Medical supplies were stored in multiple areas of the building, lengthening the time that exams take. Our remodeled facility includes a dedicated area for intake exams and medical care. The room is easy to disinfect and also includes an area to quarantine and care for animals that may have communicable diseases. The room include a stainless steel exam table, a sink, ample storage for supplies in one place, a secure storage cabinet for medications and other items, places to hang IV bags, a refrigerator of vaccines and testing supplies, and other amenities. 

Improved Cat Care 

Intake Stats

Our previous warehouse area did not provide ample storage for our retail storage, animal care necessities, and foster supplies while still allowing space for laundry and cleaning tasks (like washing litter boxes and carriers) to occur. In the redesigned cat care area, the laundry and oversized sink are near the animal supplies the cats in our care immediately need, such as food, litter and bedding. A separate warehouse area houses our retail supplies and pallets of litter and food, which allows us to buy in bulk for better pricing.The cleaning area is expanded for ease of use in a newly repurposed area with better workflow and a safer space for volunteers to work. Additional spaces ensure better sanitization and cleaning to reduce disease and maintain better cat health.

Building better Adoption Spaces:

More Cat Housing Options

Previously, cats were carried from a mix of condos, dog crates and ferret cages to the visiting rooms to meet potential adopters. Not all cats like to be carried, and the move from their condo to a room can be very stressful (especially when they have multiple visitors in a day!). With the expansion’s eight additional visiting rooms, cats who need a quiet space, cats who don’t like being carried, or large litters of kittens can stay in visiting rooms all day. Forgoing the stressful experience of being moved from a condo to an unfamiliar room allows these cats to be ready to meet potential adopters in a place where they are comfortable and able to show off their personalities.

For the cats being shown in condos, we replaced our hodge-podge collection of repurposed cages with cat-specific, solid-sided condos. These further reduce the risk of disease transmission and reduce the stress of cats seeing their neighbors in adjacent condos. 

See the new floor plan here >

Building A Better Adoption Experience:

Improving the Adoption Experience

Adoption StatsAdoptions used to be completed at a folding table in the middle of the noisy adoption center. It could be incredibly distracting for the adoption coordinator and adopters to concentrate on important questions and information. Our expansion includes three semi-private adoption spaces to allow for focused adoption counseling and private conversations. Adopters and adoption coordinators can sit down and discuss animal care, medical treatments, and sign paperwork without interruptions or distractions.

Previously, our facility had no place for adopters and other visitors to wait until a visiting room is available or until a volunteer can address their needs. They waited in the midst of a busy, congested adoption area and add to the commotion. Our remodel created a calmer and inviting space for adopters and customers awaiting services.

Donation Options

Your tax deductible gift can be set up as a one-time donation or as a pledge. Pledges over $2,500 can be paid in monthly or yearly installments for a period of up to three (3) years. We request that pledges $500-$2500 be limited to a two (2) year payment period.

Levels of Love

Become part of our donor wall displayed prominently in our Adoption Center.

Naming Opportunities

Naming a room at the center is a beautiful way to help homeless pets. Donors can honor or remember a pet, person, or family, or even a business or organization. This sponsorship comes with a customized plaque on the door or wall of the area being sponsored.

Medical & Isolation Rooms $25,000
Training Room $25,000
Large Visiting Room (2 remaining) $20,000
Medium Visiting Room (2 remaining) $15,000
Small Visiting Room (4 remaining) $10,000
Cat Condo (20 available) $5,000
Adoption Counseling Area (1 remaining) $5,000

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About our Building for Tomorrow Campaign

A note from one of our founders:

Judy at moundsAngel’s Wish has come a long way from our early days. With the support of our community we have saved over ten thousand cats and kittens from dire situations, healed them, and found them forever homes. We have rehomed many animals where, for whatever reason, folks could no longer keep their pets. We have taken pressure off overcrowded humane societies and rescues in Wisconsin and elsewhere so fewer cats would be euthanized.

The most recent plan to expand and remodel the Angel’s Wish Center in Verona is a logical next step in our growth. Initiated by an end-of-life donation from a generous supporter, it will allow us to provide a better experience for our cats and kittens, the people who adopt them, and our volunteers. Everyone wins! I hope you can see it in your heart to help Angel’s Wish to continue fighting the good fight.

-Judy W.

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