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Nail Trimming

Why do cats scratch?

Cats have scent glands on their paws that they use to mark their territory. They also scratch to stretch and exercise their bodies. Cats will scratch, but trimming their nails and providing a quality sisal scratching post will eliminate most, if not all, destruction.

Specialty products

The retail store at Angel’s Wish Pet Adoption and Resource Center offers quality nail clippers and sturdy, sisal scratching posts to encourage good scratching habits. Scratching posts need to be at least 28” tall so kitty can get a good full stretch as she scratches. Posts also need to be sturdy and stable so it doesn’t tip and scare her away.  Our foster homes train their kitties on the same posts we sell to the public. We also have additional scratching options to offer your pet.

Nail Trimming Services at Angel’s Wish

Could you use an extra hand trimming your cat’s claws or need a brush-up lesson? Angel’s Wish offers cat nail trimming during all open hours at our Pet Adoption and Resource Center, although we recommend avoiding Saturday mornings from 10am to noon if possible as this is our busiest time for adoptions. All cats must be brought in a carrier and be current on rabies vaccinations. No appointment necessary. The cost is $10/cat, and with our nail trim club card, you can earn free trims!