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About Angel’s Wish

Who are we?

Angel’s Wish is an all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 2000.

Mission Statement

Angel’s Wish is dedicated to reducing animal overpopulation, rehoming companion animals, and raising awareness of animal welfare issues in South Central Wisconsin.

The Animals We Help

We are cat specialists! Over 99% of the animals we help are cats. In 2022, cared for over 1,000 cats and kittens from nearly 20 different counties in Wisconsin (and a few from other states). Many are kittens found by Good Samaritans or by volunteers doing TNR (trap-neuter-release) of outdoor cats. Others are surrendered by owners, while a few are found strays that are not reclaimed. And whenever we can, we work with humane societies and rescue groups in Wisconsin to transfer their animals to us where they will have a better chance of being adopted. In 2022, we adopted out 861 cats.

Angel’s Wish is considered a “limited-admission” organization as we limit the number of animals we take in to the number we can care for and that will likely be adoptable. We are also considered “no-kill” or “adoption guarantee” as we humanely euthanize animals who are suffering with severe behavior and/or medical conditions, but never for space.  (Want to learn more about what these terms mean? Learn more from Animal Humane Society)

Why are we called Angel’s Wish?

Lois Lawrence, a founding member of Angel’s Wish, once rescued a kitten from a construction site. Weak with starvation, dehydration, and a severe upper respiratory infection, neither veterinary treatment nor Lois’ love and care could save the kitten from the effects of that hot June day. Angel died that night in Lois’ arms. We believe that Angel’s wish would have been that no other animal be subjected to pain, suffering, abandonment or neglect.

2023 Board of Directors


President: Amy Good, MNM
Vice President: Linda Johnson
Co-Treasurer: Kristin Sumbler
Secretary: Holly Tang, CVT

Board Member

Natalie Baldis


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