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Adoption Application

Thank you for your interest in adopting from Angel’s Wish! 

For more information on adoption, please visit our adoption process page.
By checking the above box, I agree that I have read the Angel's Wish adoption process explained on our adoption process page. I understand that, during the time the Angel's Wish Center is closed due to COVID, I will not have the opportunity to meet cats or kittens in person before adoption. This is a contactless or minimal contact adoption. I may be offered a phone or video call with the foster family to meet the cats or kittens.
Please also consider any pets that live in your household but do not belong to you.
Please also consider any pets that live in your household but do not belong to you.
Please also consider any pets that live in your household but do not belong to you.
List one entry per line and be sure to include the name of the clinic, city & state, phone number, and if the records are under a different name. If none, please enter n/a.
Include both living & deceased pets. List the name of the pet, species & breed, age, gender, indoor or outdoor pet, and if the animal is deceased. List one entry per line. If none, please enter n/a.
The following two questions ask about information for your potential pet's microchip. If your application is approved, we will use the person listed below as the alternate contact for the microchip company. This is the person the microchip company will contact if your pet is found and they cannot get in touch with you. This should be A PERSON who
  • does not live in the same residence as you and your pet.
  • is not your co-applicant.
  • is willing to retrieve your lost pet if you are unavailable.
  • is NOT you.
  • is NOT your vet clinic.
You may enter two phone numbers but only one is required.
Once the microchip is registered, you can change who you designated as the alternate microchip contact.

Do not list yourself, your co-applicant, or anyone else who lives in your household.

Please share any additional details about your household that would help us make a good match for you or anything else you'd like to share.
All animals adopted from Angel's Wish are microchipped with 24 PetWatch microchips to help them be reunited with you should they become lost. They are registered at the time of adoption. In order for 24 PetWatch to contact you if someone finds your animal, you will need to give consent below.
With your 24PetWatch microchip, we offer you free lost pet services, as well as exclusive offers, promotions and the latest information from 24PetWatch regarding microchip and insurance services. Pethealth Services (USA) Inc., Pethealth Services Inc, PTZ Insurance Services Ltd. and PTZ Insurance Agency Ltd may contact you via commercial electronic messages, automatic telephone dialing systems, pre-recorded/automated messages or text messages at the telephone number provided above, including your mobile number. These calls or emails are not a condition of the purchase of any goods or services. You understand that if you choose not to provide your consent, you will not receive electronic enrollment notification regarding the trial/gift/voucher of insurance and/or free lost pet services which includes being contacted with information in the event that your pet goes missing. You may withdraw your consent at any time