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Rehoming Resources


Having a challenge with your animal?

First, we hope we can find a way to keep you and your cat together. The number of animals needing help is overwhelming–the worst it has been in over a decade. Please visit our resource page for pet owners to find information on common challenges like allergies, litterbox challenges, and affording your pet. Also consider talking with your veterinarian or a cat behaviorist.

Are you trying to find a home for an animal you found?

Help reunite it with their family with these tips. Lost animals, especially indoor-only cats, can look rough very quickly, so always assume someone is missing their beloved pet!

Did you adopt from Angel’s Wish?

If you adopted your cat through Angel’s Wish, please contact us prior to rehoming on your own. Contact the adoption coordinator listed on your contract directly instead of emailing for fastest response.

Can Angel’s Wish help if I didn’t adopt from you?

We are unable to help in most situations because of our limited admission policy, meaning we can only take in cats and kittens we have capacity for and still provide high quality care. We cannot provide boarding or temporary care of owned animals. Angel’s Wish is an all-volunteer group with an extremely limited number of volunteer foster homes and we do not have a veterinarian on staff. As we rely solely on volunteers, we are unable to react quickly for animals in need of immediate surrender. Our priorities are animals that were adopted from Angel’s Wish and animals from the Greater Madison, Wisconsin area.

Advocating for your pet

If after exhausting all resources to keep your pet you still need to find a home for your pet, please know YOU are the best advocate for your family member. Angel’s Wish cares for hundreds of animals each year, while other organizations take in thousands. With the high number of homeless animals plus extremely limited shelter and rescue resources to find new homes, your animal is better off staying with you. You are probably looking for a new home for just one animal, giving you a unique ability to focus your efforts and attention on the task. You know your pet best and will be better able to figure out the best person to care for your animal, just like you have.  Animal shelters can be very stressful for animals, and even in foster home based organizations, your pet would still have the stress of getting used to a new place, new people, and new animals. This stress can lead to medical related illnesses or behaviors that made adoptive placement challenging. Keeping your pet in your familiar environment will set them up for success while finding a new family member.

Some tips if you do need to rehome your pet:

  1. Post your animal on your personal social media channels, as well as any groups you belong to online. Post on your neighborhood’s website like Nextdoor. We do not recommend craigslist.
  2. Create a flyer and hang it up at work, your vet clinic, gym, place of worship, and other public places. You can design your own poster here.
  3. Talk with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers who may be able to take your pet. You never know who might be looking or know someone who is! Network, network, network.
  4. List the pet on Dane County Humane Society’s rehome site
  5. List the pet on Adoptapet’s rehome site
  6. Read more ideas at Best Friends Animal Society

If you have exhausted all other resources above to find your animal a home on your own and have some time before you need find a new home, you can email and see if we can help. Our adoption coordinators may be able to help with rehomes on a case-by-case basis, where the animal stays with you until a new home can be found and you bring them to our weekly adoption events. Please understand we can only help a very limited number of animals.