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Fosters needed

Angel’s Wish fosters families are a vital part of our volunteer team, giving daily love, comfort and care for our cats. Because Angel’s Wish is not a shelter, our animals live in foster homes while awaiting adoption. Angel’s Wish provides significant support for our volunteer foster families and can provide all needed food, litter, supplies and medical care.

What are the Benefits of Fostering?

We believe fostering provides a comfortable home environment for our animals to flourish as foster can give individualized care and socialization. Because our foster homes get to know their foster animals so well and see them in a home environment, we are able to make better matches with their forever family.

What Type of Animals Need Fostering?

Many of our animals are healthy and just need a temporary place until they find their forever home. Some are shy kitties who need a little extra socializing. Other animals are unweaned, pregnant, sick, or injured and may need additional specialized care to become ready for adoption. Most people foster kittens or mom and kittens, but we have a great need for adult and senior cat fosters as well.

What Types of People Foster Animals?

nursing kitten

People from all walks of life find fostering a rewarding experience. Some families foster as a way to teach their children about compassion and responsibility in a creative and collaborative way. Home schooling families have found fostering a great teaching endeavor. Youth have done it for community service projects, either for schools or through organizations like Girl Scouts and 4-H. Retired people find fostering a greatly rewarding way to spend their retirement years without the commitment of adopting a pet. Whatever your reason, foster care helps give animals the best chance for a successful adoption!

What Expectations does Angel’s Wish have of Fosters?

Angel’s Wish asks foster families to:

  • Commit to fostering for a six month time frame. Angel’s Wish helps with vacation breaks, and you can take breaks between cats. We ask fosters to keep their cat until it is adopted, which can be days, weeks or months, to avoid too many stressful transitions.
  • Provide daily care, including administering medications
  • Monitor the health and behavior of their foster animal(s)
  • Transport to veterinary appointments and adoptions (if this is your only obstacle to fostering, contact us and we’ll see what we can do)
  • Provide a separate room for their foster animals if there are other animals in the home
  • Communicate regularly with their foster coordinator

All foster volunteers will meet with a foster coordinator volunteer for orientation, supplies and to review the full responsibilities of the position.

If you are looking for a new friend for your current pet, fostering is not recommended. We found that almost all families in these situations adopt their first fostered pet, and then never foster again. Instead, please adopt a cat instead so we can match you with the best cat to live in your household permanently.

How To Become A Foster Home

We are always looking for new loving homes to foster our kitties! If you think you are ready to become a foster home, please complete our foster home inquiry form. If you would like more information, please contact Linda at .