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Their Only Hope of a Better Future

This year alone, over 1,000 cats and kittens have benefited from having a safe place to land through Angel’s Wish. They come to us from many situations-overcrowded shelters, families experiencing difficulties, and found abandoned or orphaned. Some come with profound medical needs, but what they all have in common is they deserve to be loved and cared for.

One little family was especially in need of rescue.

Olive came to us in spring on a transport from Oklahoma with nearly 30 other cats and kittens. A local rescue was already overwhelmed with cats from a horrific hoarding situation in their community. Angel’s Wish, in partnership with three Wisconsin shelters, was able to offer the rescue placement assistance.

The transfer list was already set when Olive and her four tiny days-old kittens were found at an abandoned house, and the rescue pleaded for us to make room. The kittens had been found first, thrown away in a plastic bag, with young mom Olive despondent nearby. They had been rescued from certain death, and even though they were quite young to travel, they made the trip to Angel’s Wish as their only hope of a better future.

It was clearly going to be an uphill battle for this family. Mama Olive had an infected, old eye injury. She had lost vision and was left with chronic sinus infections. But treatment would have to wait until this amazing mom got her babies through the challenging first weeks of life. Olive’s kittens needed supplemental milk replacer feedings around the clock until they could eat on their own. Olive was a wonderful mother who doted on her babies, but her body was too weak to produce enough milk.

One of Olive’s kittens, Ezra, had an umbilical hernia that became infected. Kittens this tiny can’t fight well on their own, so Ezra made his first trip to an emergency vet where he underwent a procedure to drain the infection. For the next week, baby Ezra wore protective bandages and onesies made from socks, as he was too tiny to fit anything else. He was such a good little patient, tolerating daily dressing changes along with medicine. With the right care from his loving foster mom, he healed quickly.

While Olive and her kittens were busy growing and recovering, a thin, orphaned kitten about the same age as Olive’s babies was found alone in a PetSmart parking lot. An employee rescued her and brought her to Angel’s Wish for help. We named her Julia after the employee who rescued her. She needed medicine, food, warmth and friends. Olive and company were quick to accept her. It wasn’t long before Julia’s weight and her confidence started to blossom. Her purr could fill the room, and Olive loved her like her own.

Once the kittens were thriving, Olive received her eye surgery to make her more comfortable. Her kittens were lovingly taken care of through Angel’s Wish until they were old enough and healthy enough for their new homes. All been adopted into loving families where they are thriving!

While we don’t always know their full stories before they come to us, we know their futures will be far better afterwards. We could not make this happen without generous donors and volunteers who are willing to put in countless hours to improve the lives of homeless cats in our care. Olive’s little family made a longer trip than most, but no matter where they come from, it is because of you we can provide high-quality care to animals in need of a brighter future.

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Natalie Baldis
Angel’s Wish Board Member