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Archive: March 2019

Happy Ending: Squints (f/k/a Squince)

High five for the best fur-ever home!

“We adopted a 4-month-old kitten named Squince. We changed the spelling to Squints (Michael “Squints” Palladorous form The Sandlot movie). Before we adopted Squints, I had an 11-year-old cat, Heidi, that needed a friend and even though it took them a while, they became best buds. Fast forward 2 years later and we have added […]

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Happy Ending: Smudge

A perfectly Smudge-sized bed!

I just wanted to send a little note on how Smudge is doing in her new forever home. She seems happy as can be. She’s absolutely spoiled with all her toys and all the friends that want to come to meet her. She cuddles with me and Patrick all the time, but still likes to […]

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Happy Ending: Ziggy (f/k/a Sparky or Gizmo)

Ziggy thinks the best part about napping is dreaming of your fur-ever home and then waking up and IT'S REAL!

Just wanted to check in and give you an update on Sparky (we named him Ziggy). We just finished our move and he’s been doing great! He’s the sweetest thing and purrs all the time. He’s also a rambunctious little trouble maker at times. 🙂 It took a while for Zuzu to accept him (even […]

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Happy Ending: Ib (f/k/a Higgins)

Ib takes a break for some pets after catching the notorious bird feather toy.

Higgins has been renamed Ib (pronounced eeb) and is getting along well at her new home. She’s such a friendly kitty and is taking it in stride when Smoke is still wary of her. We’re doing short, supervised sessions of them together, which goes ok. Ib’s favorite place to be is on the cat tree […]

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Happy Ending: Bishop

Bishop appreciates having a warm human to snuggle with.

So far things are good, he is shy but has been adjusting pretty quick, and has been handing out some good snuggles (attached is a photo from this morning) and purrs so much. He has all of us smitten. We are going to get him into the vet this week (weather permitting) hopefully just for […]

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Happy Ending: Micah

Micah couldn't be happier with his awesome new fur-ever home!

Micah is settling into the routine of our house. He has his own space in one of our spare bedrooms. Our existing cat is not quite ready to welcome him with open arms. They are starting to be able to be in the same room together, just not too close. Micah wants to be friends […]

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Happy Ending: Ripley (f/k/a Kendall)

Ripley finds a nice human to rest on in her fur-ever home.

Just wanted to let you know that Ripley (Kendall’s new name) is settling in wonderfully. She is getting along with the other cats, not best friends yet but no fights at all and a lot of sniffing. 🙂  We just love her, she is so sweet and such a snuggler.  She is enjoying all her […]

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Happy Endings: Fane & Fisk

Fane (gray tabby) and Fisk (black cat) are caught in the act of having too much fun!

Fane and Fisk are doing fantastic!  They have made themselves right at home and fit in perfectly.  We are so happy we found them and couldn’t have asked for better cats.  The perfect mix of playing and cuddling.  Our whole family can’t thank everyone at Angels Wish enough for bringing these two into our lives.  […]

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Happy Ending: Jen Jen

Jen Jen in her fur-ever home, thankful for the people who made her part of their family.

I just wanted to send a happy ending story about Jen Jen. Almost 2 years ago, I saw her on a post that told her sad story about years of being in a shelter and not being very good at the adoption center or around other cats.  The post did say she could be ok […]

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Happy Ending: Dolly (f/k/a Jolene)

Dolly finds a cat bed that fits her perfectly!

I’ve had Dolly home since last Saturday, and she is a perfect fit. The vet said she’s healthy and thriving. She now weighs 5.9 and will probably be a tiny adult…around 7 pounds or so. Things are going very well with Oliver, my black 9-year-old cat. He was very welcoming, but she hissed and fat-tailed […]

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