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Fall In Love With a Black Cat

Black Cat 3

Visit any shelter or rescue group and you’ll almost always find an abundance of black, black & white, or black-plus-another-color cats waiting for their forever homes. Speculations abound as to why this is. It’s science, say some people. The black fur gene is dominant so there are just more black cats than other colors. Others […]

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Low Cost-Spay Neuter Programs


There are far too many kittens being born every year–in the greater Dane County region and well beyond. Kittens stretch shelters and rescues to their very limits, and in some communities as many as 90% of cats entering shelters are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes. Spaying/neutering cats saves the lives of animals and improves […]

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Journal Article on Pain and Behavior in Declawed Cats

Credit: Nicole Martell-Moran

According to research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery declawing increases the risk of a cat suffering long-term or persistent pain, usually resulting in unwanted behaviors such as inappropriate litter box use and aggression such as biting. This study from 2017 is shockingly the first long-term study on the results of declawing. “This study found that […]

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American Animal Hospital Association Declawing Position Statement


The American Animal Hospital Association strongly opposes the declawing of domestic cats and supports veterinarians’ efforts to educate cat owners and provide them with effective alternatives. Scratching is a normal feline behavior. Cats scratch to (1) condition their claws by removing old nail sheaths, (2) scent mark objects with the glands on their paws, (3) […]

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American Association of Feline Practitioners Declawing Position Statement


The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) strongly opposes declawing (onychectomy) as an elective procedure. It is the obligation of veterinarians to provide cat owners with alternatives to declawing. If owners are considering declawing, they must be provided with complete education about feline declawing. The following points are the foundation of the position statement: Feline […]

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Need to rehome your pet?


Surrendering your pet to an animal welfare organization should be the last resort if you need to rehome your pet. You are the best advocate for your pet, and you can help them avoid the stress of transitioning from your home, to a shelter/rescue, and then to a new home. Of course, the best solution is […]

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Lost your cat?


Have you lost your beloved feline friend? There are many things you can do to find your cat, including notifying as many people as possible you are looking for a cat and actively taking steps to help your pet return home. Especially with indoor-only cats that have escaped, you must take an active role in […]

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Please keep cats indoors


With our unseasonably warm weather, we have been seeing an increase in found cats. Keeping your cat inside is the best way to decrease the possibility of heartache due to your kitty getting lost, stolen, or worse. Even a fenced yard will not keep most cats in. There are so many threats outdoors, including infections […]

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Found a stray cat or kitten?


Have you found a stray cat or kitten? Thank you for wanting to help! Always assume the best…someone is very likely missing their pet. Accidents happen…we’ve heard of kitties getting loose from a broken carrier when going to the vets, house guests or kids accidentally leaving a door ajar, and cats falling out of window […]

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Training Cats to Use a Scratching Post


Thanks to Kelley Bollen from Animal Alliances, LLC  for the use of this article! Cats scratch on things for two reasons — to shed their claws and to mark their territory. To save your furniture from damage you should provide your cat with a scratching post or two and teach him/her how to use it. The […]

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