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Archive: October 2020

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Update

In early spring, when COVID closures were just starting to dominate the news, we closed the doors to our Adoption Center in Verona for the safety of our volunteers, adopters, shoppers, and supporters. We also stopped adoption events at PetSmart on the east side of Madison. As we all waited and wondered about what was […]

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Celebrate National Vet Tech Week With Angel’s Wish Volunteer Holly Tang!

                    Happy National Vet Tech Week! (Don’t worry, we didn’t get you a present either.) Pet owners know that there are a number of people who care for their furry family members when they’re sick or hurt. However, just like at a human medical clinic, there […]

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Fall In Love With a Black Cat

Visit any shelter or rescue group and you’ll almost always find an abundance of black, black & white, or black-plus-another-color cats waiting for their forever homes. Speculations abound as to why this is. It’s science, say some people. The black fur gene is dominant so there are just more black cats than other colors. Others […]

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Happy Ending: Timon & Pumba

We absolutely love these kittens! They are happy, friendly, and extremely playful. 🙂 Your descriptions of them were spot on – Pumba is definitely the snuggly one. When he’s not playing, he’s on my lap (or near my head). Timon has been the adventurous one but checks in frequently for rubs and head butts. They […]

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Happy Ending: Athena + Ares (F/K/A Leela & Rolo)

I wanted to give you the progress report on Leela and Rolo. We have renamed them Athena and Ares and have enjoyed watching them run around. It has been almost two weeks since we brought them home, and they have adjusted to their new home well. They have found hiding nooks in the couch and […]

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