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Category: Featured Adoptable Pets

Top ten cats waiting the longest for a home

If you are one of those wonderful people who want to give a home to a cat that has been waiting a long time, you’re in the right place! Sometimes even the NICEST cats get overlooked because of their color or ability to sleep through adoption events. Other times it is because it takes longer […]

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Featured Cat: Jasper and Jackson

These two handsome mini panthers are brothers who want to be adopted together. They are big boys who are about ten months old. Jasper (in front) is the more outgoing of the two, while Jackson is a little quieter. When they are not playing or checking things out, they can be found sleeping together or […]

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Esti, Johnny Winter, and Jewel

Wanted: Mom and two kids (boy and girl) seeking a loving home where they can shower you with antics, attention and love in exchange for giving them the opportunity to stay together for the rest of their lives. Says Esti’s foster mom: “We would love to see Esti adopted with her remaining two available kittens, […]

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Featured Pet: The Adventures of Don Juan

**DON JUAN HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!** Fade in; a handsome, young cat frolics in a sunny field of wild flowers with a beautiful little calico. They’re having fun doing what cats do. Nearby is a large ginger cat who is ready to take over. A battle ensues and this time the young Don Juan wins out. […]

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Featured Pet: Penny

“Hello! My name is Penny. I like to talk to my foster parents to let them what I need and I am very smart I’m a very sweet, calm lady and like to connect with people. I’m also brave and curious about the world. I love to be loved especially with a good head rub. […]

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Retirement homes needed

Senior cats often come to us when their older person transitions into a care facility or passes away. Other times, a shelter sends an S.O.S. after a senior gets too depressed. After all, these cats are used to having a person and can’t understand why their person doesn’t come back for them. If you are […]

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Featured Adoptable: Shona


ADOPTED!!!! Shona is as friendly as she is beautiful. She loves to entertain by dancing on her tippy toes when she plays. We call her our “Irish Dancer.” Her name means lucky in Gaelic and she is! Twice in her short life she has lived outdoors for a period of time – the first time […]

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