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Category: Featured Volunteers

Volunteer Profile – Alyssa Pon-Franklin

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Welcome back to the Angel’s Wish monthly volunteer profile. Starting with our Board of Directors, each month, we aim to feature one of the wonderful people who makes Angel’s Wish successful. Last month, we learned more about Holly Tang, volunteer, foster, Board member, and CVT. This month, we turn our attention to Alyssa Pon-Franklin, volunteer, […]

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Featured Volunteer: Kate Schultz

Scar photos--with James

Angel’s Wish is so lucky to have people like Kate Schultz volunteering for us! We benefit from her many skills, creativity, and energy. She began volunteering behind the scenes by doing donations processing. Recently she and her husband took on taking care of kitties at our satellite adoption location at Pet Supplies Plus in Fitchburg. […]

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Featured Volunteer: Joann Hayes

“We are Siamese if you please. We are Siamese if you don’t please. We are from the residence of Siam. There is no finer cat than I am.” The singing cats from Lady And The Tramp convinced me to become a cat person. Lithe, blue-eyed and naughty – all very attractive to me as an […]

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Featured Volunteer: Lindsey C.

What is your professional background? I worked in retail management for almost 15 years. I always loved the hectic and busy schedule, but not long after the birth of my second child I decided it was time to find something that better fit the needs of our family. I missed having dinner with my family […]

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Featured Volunteer: Sam Peterson


Sam Peterson of Boy Scout Troop 6224 contacted Angel’s Wish about working with us on his Eagle Scout project. We put our heads together, and decided building scratching posts would make a great project. Sam did lots of planning and estimated all of the supplies needed. Brunsell Lumber gave a generous discount on the supplies for […]

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Featured Volunteer: Sarah F.


“My name is Sarah and I have been a volunteer at Angel’s Wish for 10 years. I started as a youth volunteer when I was 10 years old. I first learned about Angel’s Wish when I went there with my girl scout troop when I was about 8 years old. Right away, I knew that […]

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Featured Volunteer: Amie P.

Please share a bit of information about your background. I was raised on a small dairy farm in Door County and moved to Madison to attend college. I earned a Masters degree in Counseling and work as a Middle School Counselor at Badger Ridge and CKCS in Verona. I have always been a care-giver and […]

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Featured Volunteers: Karen Cunningham and Chris Bunck


Karen Cunningham   What is your professional background? I worked for the U.S. Department of the Interior for 30+ years as an information technology specialist  (computer person), mostly here in Madison at the National Wildlife Health Center.  I actually trained as a wildlife biologist, but started using computers to manage data … and slid sideways into […]

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Featured Volunteers: Rick and Sharon

As “reverse snowbirds” (Florida residents who spend their summers in Madison), Rick and Sharon began volunteering at Angel’s Wish last summer. Their love of cats and dogs motivated them to share some of their skills with the remarkable and unique cat adoption/resource center. Rick serves in the front Retail area as cashier/adoption processor/answers phones while […]

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Featured Volunteer: Ginger

What is your professional background? I was a Kindergarten teacher for 32 years, never tiring of working with 5-6 year olds! I loved their energy, their innocence and their constant interest in anything new to learn! GREAT choice of a career! How long have you been volunteering for Angel’s Wish? I have been involved with […]

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