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Archive: May 2017

Happy Endings : Professor Moody


“Just a quick update to let you know Prof. Moody is doing quite well and is very happy.” Robert

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Happy Endings : Ib (pronounced Eeb) (f/k/a : Higgins)


“Here’s the update on Higgins. I was hoping to have a picture of Higgins and Smoke (our first cat) together, but it’s not meant to be yet! Higgins has been renamed Ib (pronounced eeb) and is getting along well at her new home. She’s such a friendly kitty and is taking it in stride when […]

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Happy Endings : Emma & Jack (f/k/a : Natasha & Hawkeye)

Natasha and Hawkeye

“We adopted Natasha & Hawkeye (now Emma & Jack) a few weeks back. They are doing great! They have adjusted well to living with us and love to both play and cuddle. The vet says they are healthy and they are now fully up to date with their shots. I am amazed at how fast […]

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Happy Endings ; Hermie (f/k/a : Mac)


“We just registered him last night,  he has been just such a blast,  he has been sitting in our laps,  lays with us in bed.  Little guy even follows us around the house like a puppy.  We both love our little Hermie. “ TJ

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Happy Endings : Kuro (f/k/a : Chip)


“I wanted to include Goldy in this email because she was such great help during the adoption process I wanted her to know how Chip was settling in.  Chips new name is Kuro, Japanese for black. He is a loving and playful kitten. He loves sitting in his cat tree and looking out the window. […]

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Happy Endings : Sheba


“I just wanted to let you know that Sheba fits right in here. She’s really talkative! She still is wary around strangers but very affectionate towards me and regular visitors. She’s so loving and such a sweetheart! No behavior issues to report besides the occassional meowing at night for seemingly no reason (my theory is […]

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Happy Endings : Sweet Pea (f/k/a : Skye)

Sweet Pea

“Some fun updates: Sweet Pea has been just wonderful! I brought her home to family for Thanksgiving and Christmas – she’s so good in the car! I let her sit in my lap for most of those trips, and she did such a good job. My family adores her, of course. She’s also well-loved by […]

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Happy Endings : Leona (f/k/a : Athena)


“I just wanted to check in and let you know that Athena is taking to her new home with ease. She is such a pleasure to have in the family and she seems happy to be here. She has a new kitty tree which she loves to nap in, a favorite golf ball to chase […]

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Happy Endings : Pablo (f/k/a : Holmes)


“I am pleased to say that Holmes (who’s name is now Pablo) is fitting in wonderfully here. He was a little shy the first couple days and spent most of his time laying in bed with us, but boy did that change! Him and Felix roam the house and play together day and night. Pablo […]

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Happy Endings ; Luna (f/k/a : Cathy)


“Cathy’s new name is Luna! She is doing great! We took her to the vet last week and they said everything looks good. We also updated her microchip information with 24PetWatch. It only took a few days for Luna to get acquainted with her new surroundings. She has been eating like a champ and has […]

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