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Archive: September 2019

Happy Endings: Chip & Cal

Chip and Cal claim the best bed in the house!

I adopted Chip and Cal back in May, and just wanted everyone at Angel’s Wish to know that the “twins” are doing well in their furever home. They are so sweet and very silly. Thank you so much for choosing me to adopt these little guys! Their first birthday is coming up soon, and we […]

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Happy Ending: Cotton

Cotton enjoys a nice perch, a great view, and  an awesome sunbeam.

Cotton has been settling in pretty well so far! He has been fearless when exploring the house, he was “over” his quarantine to one room pretty quickly and wanted to get out and see everything! He seems to love to be held and is still giving lots of head butts. He follows us around the […]

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Happy Ending: Cedric

Cedric takes a quick snooze, and then it's back to playing--a cat's work is never done!

Just an update that Cedric is adjusting to his new home and family well. Each day he gets more adventurous and warming up to our 19 yr old Meko. Today Meko and Cedric went nose to nose without hissing and walked around with each other. Cedric is enjoying the toys we purchased for him and […]

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Happy Ending: Mango (f/k/a Renee)

"Does this sink make my butt look big?"

It’s been around two months since we last adopted Mango. She’s taken a while to adjust but now she’s just a bundle of love and adorableness! She has such a unique meow that fits her cute face so well. At night she likes to come and sleep on the bed next to us. We never […]

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Happy Ending: ZigZag

Ziggy loves his laundry basket bed and can't  wait to explore the rest of his new home!

It’s early but we can state with 100% confidence that Ziggy is absolutely amazing, loving, funny, and smart. Everyone loves him (including April [2019 graduate] and Vinny [2013 graduate])!  He snuggles big time, gives kisses, and talks a lot. He also plays fetch. Ziggy fits perfectly into the new pride. Thank you for all that […]

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Happy Endings: Minnie & Mickey

Mickey (gray) and Minnie (black) take a rest after playing, chasing, and climbing.

Just wanted to email a quick follow up on Minnie & Mickey! They are doing really great settling into our apartment. Mickey is very adventurous and likes to explore, and Minnie follows right behind him. They eat, play and snuggle together all day. They are already snuggling by us on the couch and in our […]

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Happy Ending: Birdie (f/k/a Shadow)

Shadow keeps the couch warm while waiting for a napping partner.

We just love our Birdie!! (formerly Shadow) She has settled in nicely and is so incredibly sweet and fun! So grateful we found her at Angel’s Wish. Jaime Adopted 5/21/2019  

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Happy Endings: Neo & Trinity (f/k/a Eric & Beth Heiden)

Trinity (Siamese) and Neo (black) check out the cat tree offerings at their new home.

Neo (black) and Trinity (points), as they are now known, are doing well and having a great time in their new home with their new cat and human family. They are so much fun and so cute when they cuddle together, which is very often! They love to run around, play with toys, and climb […]

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