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Happy Ending: Cedric

"Human, put down the camera and pet me!"

“Human, put down the camera and pet me!”

Cedric takes a quick snooze, and then it's back to playing--a cat's work is never done!

Cedric takes a quick snooze, and then it’s back to playing–a cat’s work is never done!

Just an update that Cedric is adjusting to his new home and family well. Each day he gets more adventurous and warming up to our 19 yr old Meko. Today Meko and Cedric went nose to nose without hissing and walked around with each other. Cedric is enjoying the toys we purchased for him and comes to me when I call him. He is quite talkative! He gave us a scare Monday. I couldn’t find him and called him over and over. I looked under everything and couldn’t find him.I had limited the space he had to explore to the living room and kitchen. I had the bedroom doors shut so this kind of thing wouldn’t happen. Well, my son and 2 grandsons came over to help us find him. The grandsons had met him earlier that day and were very concerned. They walked into the living room and started talking and we heard Cedric start meowing. He found his way behind a shelf that is beside our fireplace, which wasn’t pushed all the way back to the wall (It is now.) My son was sure we’d find him because of their experience with their two cats when they were kittens and the places they’d find to hide 🙂

His appetite has increased quite a bit the last couple days. He used his liter box Monday morning. So he seems to be settling in well. I am loving his cuddling and constant purring.

Thanks again for this special gift and for all you do to help find homes for these special animals!

Deanna Fischer

Adopted 8/4/2019