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Archive: May 2019

Happy Endings: Jax & Oli (f/k/a Archer & Arnold)

I just wanted to send an update on Archer and Arnold. I ended up renaming them Jax (Archer) and Oli (Arnold), and they’re both are doing great and settling in well. They love playing together and snuggling, but Oli is definitely more mischievous and attention seeking. He likes to be as close to me as […]

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Happy Ending: Mimi

This is Grace, and I just adopted Mimi from you a week ago. At first, we traded beds, toys, and blankets between [Mimi and our other cat, Nemo] so that they could be more familiar with each other’s scent. After a few days, we let them both out to meet each other. Mimi was hissing and […]

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Happy Endings: Minerva & Ruth (f/k/a Capri and Yahtzy)

Capri (Minerva aka Minnie) and Yahtzy (Ruth aka Ruthie) are settling in at home with us. Ruthie is curious, friendly and very loving. She likes to cuddle, but not for long because she has so much to explore. She just started to play fetch tonight. Minnie is very shy but gets braver every day. She […]

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Happy Endings: Pumpkin & Appa (f/k/a Nala)

Sorry for being a day late on getting a written update on Pumpkin and Appa who I adopted on 6/9.  Both kitties have adapted well to apartment life and are getting into a routine.  I have transitioned them to grain free food in an attempt to get their weights down. Pumpkin is definitely the more […]

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Happy Ending: Squeeks

My name is Steven Lin and I adopted Squeeks about a week ago! She’s been doing great – she’s adapted to my apartment so quickly and seems healthy as can be. She’s never used the restroom outside of the litter box, and hasn’t scratched up all my furniture nearly as much as I expected! She […]

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Happy Ending: Lucy

We adopted Lucy in March of last year and she has been thriving! Lucy loves to snuggle up with her best friend Sushi, our other adult cat, as well as chasing, wrestling, and generally antagonizing him. She has also been more and more of a snuggle bug, seizing every moment to snuggle up with us […]

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Happy Endings: Sneaker and Rizzle (f/k/a Raspberry)

Here are Sneakers and Rizzle (formally known as Raspberry). They are such joy to our family and they make us laugh every day.  It is hilarious to watch them stalk and pounce on each other. They are always looking for each other. They also watch out for each other. One day Rizzle got shut in […]

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