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Archive: December 2019

Happy Endings: Dweezy & Nini (f/k/a Bury & Millie)

It’s been 8 years since I adopted my two sweet little kittens from AW who were fostered by Sue W.  I came in for one kitty but fell in love with two bonded siblings. They were so small and frisky and full of affection! They have brought me so much joy through the years and […]

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Happy Ending: Reus

We are so happy with our new kitty, Reus. He adapted to our house and resident dog within a couple of days. He has some favorite spots for sleeping and bird watching. And when not engaged in either of those activities, he is following us around the house. I think this has been a perfect […]

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Happy Endings: Jupiter & Saturn

You were certainly correct in thinking these two girls would be great for us! No fussing in the carrier on the way home, and they only hid under a dresser for about five minutes before they were out and exploring. They ate well, they used litter boxes and scratching posts, they played with balls and […]

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Happy Ending: Stitch

I’m writing to give you an update on Stitch. She is such a lovey kitty. She’s quickly settled into her new home. She’s eating well, has used every litter box in the house, and curls up on our laps for nap time. She’s been to the vet and got a clean bill of health. We […]

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Happy Endings: Smoke & Panda (f/k/a Ciabatta)

Smoke and Panda here to give you an update on how we have adjusted to our new home and each other. When Mom and Dad brought us home and let us out of our carriers I made my way around the ENTIRE house and rubbed my scent on EVERYTHING! Panda, well she cried – a […]

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Happy Endings: Pumpkin and Poof (f/k/a Pepper)

My husband and I adopted two beautiful sisters recently. We could not be happier to have Pumpkin and Poof (formerly Pepper) in our home and in our lives forever. Pumpkin is quite the snuggler. She loves to be held and loves belly rubs! She is a curious explorer and is always interested in what’s going on. […]

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Happy Endings: Felix & Lola (f/k/a Panther & Tilly)

Just wanted to give you an update on Panther and Tilly!  We’ve renamed them Felix and Lola! They’re settling in very well! We’ve set them up in a spacious room full of scratching posts and toys! We let them out to have full reign of the house in the evening and on weekends when we’re home. […]

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Happy Endings: Mars & Jupiter

I just wanted to send the update for Mars and Jupiter. They are doing fantastic! They have really settled in and everyone is adjusting great. They had a room to their own the first week and we are slowly letting them have supervised time with the dogs and free run to explore while the dogs […]

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Happy Ending: Peyton (f/k/a Miss Minnie)

A little update on Miss Minnie…. My daughter quickly renamed her Peyton.  She has adapted quickly and easily become apart of our family.  She is a healthy, friendly and playful girl.  She is never short of purrs and snuggles.  We easily love her and she quickly won over my husband Jon.  She has her first […]

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