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Happy Endings: Felix & Lola (f/k/a Panther & Tilly)

"I'm not upside down, you're upside down!"

“I’m not upside down, you’re upside down!”

Felix and Lola hang out in their room, trying to decide what to play with first!

Felix and Lola hang out in their room, trying to decide what to play with first!

A dreamless snooze--all of Tilly's dreams have come true!

A dreamless snooze–all of Tilly’s dreams have come true!

Just wanted to give you an update on Panther and Tilly!  We’ve renamed them Felix and Lola!
They’re settling in very well! We’ve set them up in a spacious room full of scratching posts and toys! We let them out to have full reign of the house in the evening and on weekends when we’re home. They are now fully acclimated to the house. We hosted a brunch on Sunday where many people were over and the kitties were the hit of the party!

Things that they love:
They especially love the super tall cat scratching post that we got from you guys! They love climbing and perching at the top! Thank you to the youth who made them! Dan picked up two fury mice that rattle. Both kitties love them! But especially Lola, who loves to carry them around in her mouth. In fact, she’s been playing with it for the last 30 min! Both kitties love carrying them around in the mouths and chasing after each other. They also love their cat caves!

We’ve set up their first appointment with us at Whole Pets for Wed Nov 6th with Dr. Bernhardt. So far I haven’t seen any signs of worms or any ailments. Just a pair of super sassy, cute, cuddly kitties!


Adopted 10/20/2019