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Happy Endings: Pumpkin & Appa (f/k/a Nala)





...and more napping! (And maybe some tummy rubs!)

…and more napping! (And maybe some tummy rubs!)

Sorry for being a day late on getting a written update on Pumpkin and Appa who I adopted on 6/9.  Both kitties have adapted well to apartment life and are getting into a routine.  I have transitioned them to grain free food in an attempt to get their weights down.

Pumpkin is definitely the more outgoing one of the two and is starting to cuddle a little.  Both kitties definitely love to nap in warm places.  Their love for lazy weekends matches mine :).

I have attached a few pictures of them napping around my apartment and wouldn’t give them up for the world.



Adopted 6/9/2018