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Found a stray cat or kitten?


Have you found a stray cat or kitten? Thank you for wanting to help!

Always assume the best…someone is very likely missing their pet. Accidents happen…we’ve heard of kitties getting loose from a broken carrier when going to the vets, house guests or kids accidentally leaving a door ajar, and cats falling out of window screens that come loose…all things that could happen to anyone.


Here are some steps to increase the chances of a happy reunion:

  • Contact your local humane society, police department or animal control facility to make a found pet report. They will match the pet’s description to their lost animal reports. In Dane County, the official stray holding facility is the Dane County Humane Society, who can be reached at 608.838.0413 or .
  • Contact your neighbors.  Post to your neighborhood website, email list, Nextdoor, or other social media group.
  • Take the animal to your local vet clinic or humane society to be scanned for a microchip.
  • File a report with Lost Cats of Wisconsin via Helping Lost Pets. This will create a poster you can easily print and share, as well as a photo you can share via social media.
  • Place a free found pet ad in the Wisconsin State Journal
  • Hang up the poster you created around your neighborhood on signs (check out the 5+5 poster from Missing Pet Partnership)

Once found, owners must have at least four days to find their pet before it goes up for adoption. If you can, hold the animal in your home. Dog crates, cat condos, or a separate room can all help you safely contain the animal while keeping them separate from your own pets. If you cannot fulfill the stray hold yourself or the animal needs urgent medical attention, please contact your local humane society or animal control facility to hold the pet.