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Happy Ending: Orville & Wilbur

These boys are so much fun and other than some typical teenager kitty mischief, they’re so well behaved. They warmed right up to us the night they came home; other than some sleeplessness the first couple of nights (too many places to explore and toys to play with!), the transition has been super smooth. I find it especially fun to watch each of their personalities come out as they’ve become acclimated.

Window lovers!

Wilbur is so outward, a fearless adventurer, and a true extrovert — loves all attention and will completely let you know about it with all the meows! Orville is more reserved with his quieter meow and a little less adventurous, but a ferocious cuddler, especially after his dinner on the couch or on Rachel’s lap while she works from home.

A hard worker!

Both boys have made zoom meeting appearances already – We think they’re ready to climb the corporate ladder! We’ve also learned toy likes and dislikes – big fans of string and feather toys and shiny tinsel-like balls. The boys most favorite recent purchase was a cat tree with so many things to scratch and climb!

Play time!

We’re so happy we were able to find these two amazing cats!

Adopted 06/02/2021