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Archive: April 2019

Happy Ending: Westley (f/k/a Sheeran)

Wanted to provide you with an update on Sheeran – he is now known as Westley and doing great. He adjusted to his new house quickly and is slowly but surely making friends with our 10-year-old tortie, Guinness. He is a bundle of energy and his favorite toy is a bird on a string, but […]

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Happy Ending: Barbara Gordon

I’m writing to give you an update on Barbara Gordon who I adopted on 2/6/19. She’s doing fantastic and is having a blast with our other cat Belle. Barbara fit right in and enjoys sleeping in our arms during the day and nestled next to our faces at night. Belle and Barbara spend hours running […]

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Happy Endings: Luna & Daisy (f/k/a Minerva and Binty)

Hi, I wanted to let everyone know that Minerva and Binty (now Luna and Daisy respectively) are doing great at home.  They spent the first several days hanging out in cat central (the master bedroom) but have now been given mostly free-reign in the house except when everyone is gone.  By the end of the […]

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Happy Ending: Kennedy (f/k/a Cameron)

Just an update on Kennedy. He is a ball of fire! We cuddle in the mornings before work and again after work. His curiosity and fearlessness are impressive.  The first couple of days I thought Grayson was going to have a breakdown and I thought Jackson was plotting Kennedy’s murder but as the week went […]

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Happy Endings: Mia & Tia (f/k/a Ghost & Ghoul)

I’m happy to report that Mia and Tia, the cats we adopted (formerly Ghost and Ghoul), are settling in great! They were incredibly shy during our play date, but ever since we took them home they have been incredibly playful and social, even with new people. I have attached a picture of them (unfortunately the […]

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Happy Ending: Willow (f/k/a Nora)

Just wanted to send along some pictures of Willow (formerly known as Nora). Her favorite thing to do is cuddle (and sleep). We love her! Adopted 8/11/2018

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Happy Endings: Leonhard and Marvin

    Just wanted to give you a quick update on Marvin and Leonhard. The boys are doing well. After a slow introduction, they now have full reign over the house. Tilda (our older cat) is slowly adjusting. Leonhard tries to approach her slowly and respectfully, but Marvin just jumps right in and tries to […]

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Happy Ending: Lucy (f/k/a Twinkle)

  My name is Gretchen Kloster and I adopted Twinkle a little over a week ago. She has been doing really well and is getting along nicely with my other cat Harper. I also gave her a new name that she is starting to answer to, her name is Lucy now. I am so happy […]

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Happy Ending: Ruthie (f/k/a Ali)

Ruthie and I are so happy! She is cuddly and she talks to me. She is people friendly and so sweet.  She’s now climbing more and being a bit more adventurous inside. She owns the kitchen island! I’m so grateful for the perfect match on my first cat. Thank you!  Michele Adopted 3/2/2019

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