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Pet Supplies Plus Fitchburg Adoption Partnership


We are excited to announce a partnership with Fitchburg’s newest pet supply store, Pets Supplies Plus! They are located in Orchard Point near the County PD/18-151 intersection, next to Gold’s Gym and near the SuperTarget and HyVee at 2928 Hardrock Road.  They have generously dedicated a part of their store to include a cat adoption area […]

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Wanted: Homes for the holidays


The holidays are so important to Angel’s Wish. People just love adding new furry members to their family at this time of year. More people adopt from us from November through January than any other time of year. Here are a couple of things to consider if you are thinking about adding a new cat […]

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Happy Ending: Queenie


Anna came to us as a wonderful momma to Winkie, Blinkie, and Nadia. She was not used to humans and did not like us much but she loved other cats. We were despairing on whether she would be able to find a home. We decided to look at it from another perspective – maybe we […]

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Brave Lorelei’s Story: the Cornfield Family


One of our volunteers was driving along a country road on a hot, dry summer day when she spied a cat on the shoulder. She stopped, expecting the cat to run away, but instead Lorelei came running up to her. The cat called to four kittens who came running out of a cornfield. They were […]

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Esti, Johnny Winter, and Jewel

Esti, Johnny Winter, and Jewel

Wanted: Mom and two kids (boy and girl) seeking a loving home where they can shower you with antics, attention and love in exchange for giving them the opportunity to stay together for the rest of their lives. Says Esti’s foster mom: “We would love to see Esti adopted with her remaining two available kittens, […]

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Featured Pet: The Adventures of Don Juan

Don Juan

**DON JUAN HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!** Fade in; a handsome, young cat frolics in a sunny field of wild flowers with a beautiful little calico. They’re having fun doing what cats do. Nearby is a large ginger cat who is ready to take over. A battle ensues and this time the young Don Juan wins out. […]

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Featured Pet: Penny


“Hello! My name is Penny. I like to talk to my foster parents to let them what I need and I am very smart I’m a very sweet, calm lady and like to connect with people. I’m also brave and curious about the world. I love to be loved especially with a good head rub. […]

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Happy Ending: Trillium (formerly Annie)


Annie was rescued by Melissa, one of our dedicated foster moms, last autumn. She was a very lucky kitty to be found when she was. We discovered that she had a severe break in her left back leg. It was so damaged that her leg could not be saved. Thanks to the generosity of numerous […]

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Kittens are best in pairs

Two kittens cuddling

Interested in adopting a kitten and don’t already have a feline at home? A single kitten can be a handful! They have lots of energy. A kitten will want much of your time and attention. If they haven’t expended energy during the day, they want to play all night. If you don’t have the time or […]

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Plethora of kittens


What is a plethora? Some definitions would be surplus, superabundance, profusion, and lots of kittens. The kittens pictured above are just a few of the over 150 kittens that we have in our foster homes right now. From left to right – Lucky Lucy, Skip, Trek, Milo, Martini, Ginny Weasley, and Carrie Anne are either […]

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