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Archive: February 2019

Happy Ending: Jet

Jet playing with his toy

Varun and I recently adopted Jet through you about a week ago. If you recall, we have another cat, Rocannon. Rocannon is less than happy to be sharing his house with a new cat. We’ve been keeping them separate (Jet has his own room) and they can interact under the door and sometimes (usually at […]

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Happy Ending: Hazelnut (f/k/a Isabelle)

Hazelnut dreams of her favorite toy--a packing peanut

My boyfriend and I came in on Saturday and adopted Isabelle. I wanted to update you on her so far. We renamed her Hazelnut and call her Hazel for short. She has already brought so much happiness to our lives! Unlike cats I have had previously, she is not shy. She was quick to warm […]

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Happy Endings: Beerus and Takishido (f/k/a Reggie and Linus)

Beerus wonders why his bed is so lumpy...and sometimes move

Beerus and Takishido (formerly known as Reggie and Linus) are very happy in their forever home. They are playful and energetic, and super cuddly when they take a break. They’re always wrestling and grooming each other. They love meeting new people–they even loved the vet. (We went to Spartan Animal Hospital) It’s been lots of […]

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Happy Ending: Deleuze (f/k/a Anna)

Deleuze practicing one of her model poses

I cannot begin to tell you how much I love my first companion, Deleuze (f/k/a Anna, est, DOB 07/14/2011). Deleuze is the sweetest and kindest cat I could have ever asked for. I don’t remember the name of the volunteer who was at Petsmart East, but she was instrumental in helping me see Deleuze and […]

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Happy Ending: Punk (f/k/a Mary Ann)

Punk explores her new surrounding--carefully avoiding the ceiling fan

Mary Ann–now Punk–is settling in nicely! She’s a quiet little cuddle bug, still afraid of the ceiling fan in my bedroom, so she won’t go in there yet. She has taken to exploring the foyer and the kitchen–and went right to the trash bin! Her favorite spot is sprawled out on my desk for pets […]

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Happy Ending: Minnie (f/k/a Ygritte)

Doing well after surgery, Minnie snuggles with Amy's daughter

I just thought I’d send a message to give you an update on Minnie. Her belly looks great, and completely healed from her surgery. She definitely preferred to live under my daughter’s bed when we first got her home, but she was more than happy to cuddle when we lured her out. We started using […]

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Happy Endings: Kit & Cleo (f/k/a Roni)

Kit pondering the deeper parts of life.

I’m happy to report all is going well with the introduction of Kit and Cleo (f/n/a Roni). They are both doing really well. Kit sure is a funny little devil. She is very spunky and talks quite a bit.  Cleo is very loving (when she’s tired) but she is a bit tentative. I’m sure given […]

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Happy Endings: Valentines Day Editions

Person's hand and a cat's paw making a heart shape.  Instagram toned effect.

This Valentines Day, Angel’s Wish is going to celebrate our purr-fect matches made over the last few years. Check our blog and our Facebook page for love-filled Happy Endings that we celebrate year round!

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Happy Endings: Tycho (f/k/a Donovan)

Tycho hanging out in his room, playing with a toy.

I’m emailing to give you an update on Donovan (now Tycho). He’s doing very well and adjusted to his new home almost immediately. We’ve been working on slowly introducing him to our other cat, Darwin. Tycho just had his first vet appointment yesterday, receiving a vaccine update, and was given a stellar bill of health. […]

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