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Happy Ending: Minnie (f/k/a Ygritte)

Minnie relaxing with her new human

Minnie relaxing with one of her new humans

Doing well after surgery, Minnie snuggles with Amy's daughter

Doing well after surgery, Minnie snuggles with Amy’s daughter

I just thought I’d send a message to give you an update on Minnie. Her belly looks great, and completely healed from her surgery. She definitely preferred to live under my daughter’s bed when we first got her home, but she was more than happy to cuddle when we lured her out. We started using gates in the doorway to introduce her to our dogs and cat and that worked great. She and our original cat (Juicy) would eat their wet food at the end of the day across from each other with the gate separating them. Today we let her and Juicy meet one another without the gate and it went great. They smelled each other, and walked around each other without any incidents. Minnie even played for a while trying to catch Juicy’s tail and he was very patient and just walked away when he had enough with her. We’re still confining her to my daughter’s bedroom so we can keep track of her, and keep encouraging her to cuddle with us, but she’s doing great with her little field trips around the house. Now that she’s had a taste of freedom she is very eager to stay out from under the bed because she realizes there is lots of exciting territory outside of the bedroom! We all love her so much and are happy that she is adjusting so nicely to our house and pets.


Adopted 8/16/2016