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Happy Endings: Kit & Cleo (f/k/a Roni)

Kit pondering the deeper parts of life.

Kit, pondering the deeper parts of life

Cleo is caught by a surprise camera flash

Cleo is caught by a surprise camera flash

I’m happy to report all is going well with the introduction of Kit and Cleo (f/n/a Roni).

They are both doing really well. Kit sure is a funny little devil. She is very spunky and talks quite a bit.  Cleo is very loving (when she’s tired) but she is a bit tentative. I’m sure given time that will go away.
They visited the vet last Friday and were given a clean bill of health. No ear mites. (Kit was 5.5# and Cleo 5.2#) Both Ginger (the golden retriever) and the kitties took to each other really well. Kit is cute and tries to rub up against her.  Ginger wasn’t sure what to think cause that wasn’t something Max ever did.
Max had a slow introduction to the kitties. The kitties had the run of the front room which had glass doors. Max could see and hear them. He was curious about them. Last night, Kit escaped and ran up to Max. The meeting went really well, so we let Cleo meet him too.  He has his space upstairs (They haven’t really gone upstairs yet), so he has his safe zone.  Not sure what he thinks of them yet, but so far so good.
We are really glad we got both of them they are a great addition to the family. I think just one of them would have been lonely, and they do keep each other entertained which is good from Max’s point of view.
Chris, Kris, Cleo & Kit
Adopted 9/29/2014