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Happy Ending: Hazelnut (f/k/a Isabelle)

Hazelnut dreams of her favorite toy--a packing peanut

Hazelnut dreams of her favorite toy–a packing peanut

Hazel's all tucked in for a good cat nap

Hazel’s all tucked in for a good cat nap

My boyfriend and I came in on Saturday and adopted Isabelle. I wanted to update you on her so far.

We renamed her Hazelnut and call her Hazel for short. She has already brought so much happiness to our lives! Unlike cats I have had previously, she is not shy. She was quick to warm up to our apartment and loves her daily cuddle sessions with us. Her favorite spot to nap is underneath our couch where she found a packing peanut which is her favorite toy. She has been eating well and using her litterbox. We love her so much and are so gracious to Angel’s Wish for bringing her into our lives.
Thank you!
Adopted 12/31/2016