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2019 Annual Report

2019 Annual Report

We’re proud to share our 2019 Annual Report with you. We are incredibly grateful to our community for your support in helping us work towards our mission. Click on the link to download a PDF of our Annual Report. 2019 Annual Report

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Happy Ending: Mr. Gus Gustafson (F/K/A Herve)


                  Gus has been part our lives for two weeks and has taken over his kingdom with complete confidence! He explored the house the first day with his tail up and with overflowing curiosity. He has excitedly greeted visitors, put himself in his carrier for his trip […]

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Happy Ending: Xarelta (F/K/A Bobbi Jo)

Xarelta 3

Xarelta, is doing great! Xarelta’s sisters took a while to warm up but Lunesta is now showing her around the WHOLE house and shares the cat tree with her to lay in the sun and watch the birds. You were so RIGHT that Xarelta loves spring toys. She has about 10 of them now that […]

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Happy Ending: Daphne (F/K/A Dyamond)

Daphne 3

I just wanted to thank you for choosing us to bring home Dyamond!  She is working on adjusting and we are slowly introducing her to the other members of the family.  We have chosen to change her name to Daphne, like in Scooby Doo.  She has her first vet appointment today and she did GREAT […]

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Happy Ending: Goji (F/K/A Nashville)


Goji is adapting to his new home very well. He is full of energy and super fun to watch him play and explore. Lots of chirps and trills. He has also proved to be quite the snuggler. Goji has found his forever home with us. We love him. Sincerely, Juli Adopted 1/11/2020

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Happy Ending: Revali (F/K/A Gavin) & Romani (F/K/A Silvia)

R & R1

We adopted Revali two weeks ago. He is doing wonderfully! He is such a sweet boy who loves to cuddle with us. He is still a bit shy at first with new people, but he warms up very quickly and will be sociable with them. He is a talkative boy; we always know where he […]

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Happy Ending: Sophie (F/K/A Clara)


I adopted my second cat, Sophie (formerly Clara), from Angel’s Wish. She’s been such a perfect addition to my household and really keeps my older cat, Rose on her toes. She’s such a sweet and sassy girl, with so much love to share. Thank you to the wonderful volunteers that helped me find this sweet […]

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Happy Ending: Marty (F/K/A Royce) & Sami (F/K/A Tesla)

Sami & Marty 3

Hello – I am sending you a progress report on Royce & Tesla. Royce is now named Marty, and Tesla has been named Sami. Marty & Sami are settling into their new home well! They love to spend time playing together, chasing each other, and quality time sleeping. They also love to follow us around […]

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Happy Ending: Nori (F/K/A Samantha)

Nori 3

We adopted Nori about two weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. From the moment she arrived home she’s been a confident, curious, loving, and happy new member of our family. She loves lounging around the house with us, and is playful and friendly to our friend and family visitors. Her favorite activities include sleeping in […]

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Happy Ending: Oliver (F/K/A Snuffy)

Oliver 3

I wanted to reach out to you and I apologize for the delay, with an update on our little Oliver!!! He is doing wonderfully. We just love him so much. He is such a sweet and lovable baby!!! He loves to rub noses and cuddle up right next to all of our family. He snuggles […]

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