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Wanted: Homes for the holidays

jacksonjaspersanta The holidays are so important to Angel’s Wish. People just love adding new furry members to their family at this time of year. More people adopt from us from November through January than any other time of year.

Here are a couple of things to consider if you are thinking about adding a new cat or kitten this holiday season!

Make sure everyone in the family wants a new pet. Choose an age appropriate pet for your family. Remember, it is always the adult’s responsibility for animal care. The novelty of a new pet will wear off for your child, and some pets can live 15 to 20 years.

How about your holiday schedule? Are you traveling or having large gatherings of family and friends? These are not great situations if you want a homecoming that helps your new pet to adjust to your family’s regular routine. On the other hand, you will likely have a few days off of work and the kids will be home from school to enjoy a new pet.

We don’t recommend surprising someone with a pet. Instead, purchase a gift certificate for and adoption from us and include it with a basket of pet-related items. Then you can enjoy the adoption experience together, and the lucky person gets to pick their new best friend.