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Happy Ending: Merlin & Matilda (F/K/A Skylar & Sadie)

of Sweet Cats!

A magical pair! 

A magical pair!

Of sweet kitties! 

The kittens are doing very well and have given me a lot of great cuddles (especially when they are sleepy) and laughs. I ended up renaming them to Merlin and Matilda, and I can confirm they definitely bring more magic into my life! Matilda has recently gotten very into playing fetch with her little mouse toys and Merlin is delighted to hop into any box that comes into the house – even my recycling. They are both very affectionate, but Merlin especially. At least once a day, he comes while I’m working in my chair and asks to be held while he takes a nap. 
Thanks again so much for helping to get the adoption lined up – I’m so happy to have them, and they seem very happy here as well 🙂
Adopted 8/26/20