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Happy Ending: Nori (F/K/A Samantha)

Some early morning lap naps.

Some early morning lap naps.

Nori's new favorite chair.

Nori’s new favorite chair.

We adopted Nori about two weeks ago and couldn’t be happier. From the moment she arrived home she’s been a confident, curious, loving, and happy new member of our family. She loves lounging around the house with us, and is playful and friendly to our friend and family visitors. Her favorite activities include sleeping in her favorite chair, chasing the laser pointer, watching birds out the window, and early morning lap naps while we drink coffee. She had her first vet visit last week and while winning over the vet with her calm demeanor, she was given a clean bill of health!

We want to thank both of you and all the volunteers for all your help in the adoption process. We really appreciate everything and we’re so happy to provide Nori a forever home.

Thank you so much!

Adopted February 2020