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Happy Ending: Miki (F/K/A Miss. Crabtree)

Miki's new person!

Miki’s new person!

Who knew a home office was such a great cuddle spot!?

Who knew a home office was such a great cuddle spot!?

Great news!!! Things are going great here!! We have renamed her Miki. It is Japanese for Beautiful tree or Beautiful Hope. We picked it for the ‘beautiful’ because, let’s face it, she is pretty gorgeous. And the ‘tree’ because that cat LOVES to climb. And ‘Hope’ because for a while we were hoping it would work out.

Our other cat is getting used to the idea of having a sister. She still hisses when she passes her, but they are easily in the same room together. Last night they were both sleeping in the family room (on separate couches of course). We also got a microchip feeder for our other cat (who is on a strict diet). Now Miki can’t steal her food. I think this has helped as well.

Miki has adopted my daughter as her person and sleeps with her every night! She is also helping a ton with my daughter’s anxiety. We got a therapy pet without even knowing it!! She is super playful and loving during the day. My husband is finally getting a taste of what having a snuggly cat is all about! She will come visit him in his home office during the day and sit on his lap for a while. Our other cat is not a snuggler at all! This is a fun change!

Long story short, she is a great addition to our family and has a loving forever home!!
Thank you for letting us adopt her!! We really love her!!

Fur-ever grateful,
The Zweigs

Adopted 1/22/2020