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Happy Ending: Marley

Marley is so happy to be home!

Marley is so happy to be home!

Still not sure about this Jarvis character...

Still not sure about this Jarvis character…

Editor’s note: A little twist on the happy ending. Richard was moving, and he needed to surrender Marley. He brought Marley to Angel’s Wish, and they said a sad goodbye. Marley was soon adopted, but that adoption didn’t work out. He returned to Angel’s Wish to await another family. Richard returned to the area and contacted Angel’s Wish. As luck would have it, Marley was still there and he and Richard were united again!

Let me start off by saying how fortunate I am to have Marley by my side again; also how fortunate I am that a company such as Angels Wish does exist! I owe this all to y’all!

Now an update on Marley! He adjusted quite well coming into a new home. It took him a couple of days to realize that this is his forever home and who I was exactly. It took about a week for him and Jarvis, my roommates 1-year-old cat, to adjust to each other. Although Marley didn’t like Jarvis at first, he took on the “big brother” role quite well. He helped end some of Jarvis’ bad habits and created new ones to become the “Duo of Chaos”! They love playing and Marley loves all of the guests I have over. I am so lucky to have him back and wanted to thank you one more time! It’s still unreal I have my baby boy back!


Returned home 4/13/2014