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Happy Ending: Lewis

Frannie (buff) shares her throne with Lewis (black & white).

Frannie (buff) shares her throne with Lewis (black & white).

I have an update for you on our kitten adoption – everything is great! Mark and I adopted a kitten (Lewis) from Angels Wish in January to entertain the kitten we previously acquired from a neighbor. We took home a black and white male kitten from Angels Wish on your recommendation – and that you had a lot of black and white kittens that were being overlooked at the time. We were happy with any color kitten!

After a few weeks of slow introduction, Frannie (buff tabby and very assertive & wild) started being friendly to Lewis (black and white from Angels Wish – very mellow fellow). They are now good buddies and have a lot of fun playing with each other. Lewis taught Frannie to be gentle with play and has kept her from destructive behavior which she was doing a lot before Lewis joined our family. Frannie taught Lewis how to stand up for himself and be more assertive with her. They play nicely together now and know each other’s limits. They are fun to watch!

Those who were overlooking the black and white kittens really missed out on a gem with Lewis! He is very mellow, loving and friendly – a real joyful addition to our family. We are very happy and thankful that Angels Wish and YOU helped us find the perfect fit for our fur family……especially with Frannie our wild child.

I really appreciate your expertise and you are doing wonderful things through Angels Wish. This is the 3rd cat/kitten we have adopted from Angels Wish and they have all turned out great! We will continue to support Angels Wish and recommend your organization to friends and family.

Thank you,

Adopted 2/16/2019