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Happy Ending: Juniper (f/k/a Selena)

Selena, contemplating a snooze in sun

Selena, contemplating a snooze in sun

The lure toy--definitely a favorite!

The lure toy–definitely a favorite!

Looks like Selena has the run of the house--or at least the bathroom.

Looks like Selena has the run of the house–or at least the bathroom.

Selena’s doing really well. I’m calling her Juniper since she wasn’t responding to Selena anyway. She spent a couple days in my bathroom when I first brought her home, but now she has free run of the place. She really likes playing with the lure toy I got and snoozing on the chair. I haven’t really found what treats she likes best yet, but she loooooooves to play. I’ve tried liver, chicken, and salmon flavored treats (soft and chewy) but she’s way more interested in her dental chews and kibble than cat treats.

She’s very polite and doesn’t scratch me, but she does like to knead. She’s warmed up a lot since I first brought her home and she follows me around all over my apartment now.


Adopted 10/15/2016