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Happy Ending: George & Charlie (F/K/A Oreo & Chip)

Just wanted to give you an update on chip and Oreo. They are doing great!! We love them so much and think the feeling is mutual. They have settled in perfectly. We have renamed them George and Charlie. They are learning their names and each have very different personalities

Playing fetch = cat naps!

Charlie is very adventurous and not scared of anything! George is more cautious but he is a giant snuggle bug! My husband has never had a pet and he quickly fell in love with them. He babies them and keeps buying them toys! We taught Charlie to fetch and my husband plays every night with him until one of them is too tired to continue. 

Thank you for making sure they were the best kittens when we got them. We couldn’t be happier with them. You can see by the pictures they are completely settled in. 

Adopted – 10/15/2020