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Happy Ending: Badger

Someone call Catster magazine. We've found their next cover cat!

Someone call Catster magazine. We’ve found their next cover cat!

Badger & her new sister Georgia

Badger & her new sister Georgia










I just wanted you to know how great things are here with Badger and Georgia Lee.  GL growled for 3 days but was very interested in Badger. Now they are playing all the time and just fascinated with each other.  They wear each other out and we all sleep fine!  GL is about 10-11mos old and before Badger came all she did was stare out the window at the critters and sleep and play hard with me at toy times.  Now she still looks out the window but only when taking a break from playing with Badger.  They aren’t grooming each other yet but are touching noses with now without hissing. They are going to be great “sisters”.

Badger met her new vet, Dr. Pam Mache, on Wed and was pronounced healthy and adorable.  We rechecked her for ear mites and parasites and both were negative.  She is eating up a storm and getting bigger every day.  Her coat looks amazing.  They look beautiful together.

Thank you and Angel’s Wish SO much. I did put a 5-star review on Angel’s Wish site and mentioned how great you and
everyone else was in helping me find the right kitten for me and Georgia Lee.


Adopted 12/7/2019