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Happy Ending: April

April takes a quick coffee break while writing her update to send to Angel's Wish.

April takes a quick coffee break while writing her update to send to Angel’s Wish.

“Hello, everyone,

It turns out my new home is pretty sweet. Free food, free sun from big windows, free healthcare, fresh linens, and staff that understand a feline is never wrong. Imagine a king-sized bed with six or seven pillows. It’s ridiculously luxurious. But I also have a ton of smaller baskets I can settle into.

I have everyone except Amelia wrapped around my paw. She has no personality and is totally stuck up but at least we can pass each other and pretend to ignore the awkward energy.  She’s getting much better, and that’s good because I was about to tell her what I really think of her shaggy, matted hair.  My big brother Vinny, also an Angel’s Wish alum, is pretty awesome. He wailed at me a few times and then quickly told me I was pretty cute and thanked me for bringing some new energy into what had become a pretty boring joint. He sniffs me a little too much but I think he misses his former sister and brother. He’s also very protective when I am eating or crying for help. That’s kind of cool.  He has a reputation for being tough and naughty but he’s just a teddy bear. I picked up some neat tricks from him, like screeching for food to create a sense of urgency, and timing my pounce just right so I can leap out to the front and back entryways that protect us from the great outdoors.

The oversized mostly hairless cats (some call them humans?) are total suckers for my cute face and noises. Their friends come over and worship me too.  I think I could turn my charm into a money-making enterprise. But then again everything is free, so who needs to worry about an income and budget?

I hope my litter sisters and foster mom are doing well. My human is worried that I miss them but I certainly don’t show it.


Adopted 6/15/2019