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Happy Ending: Frank (F/K/A Anzac)

Things are going great with our new kitten, previously Anzac, now known as Frank.  He is definitely a wacky little dude, who loves to run around the house chasing toys and crumpled up paper (he is even pretty good at fetch!).

A wacky little dude 🙂

Our 12-month-old cat, Pete, is so excited to have someone to play chase and wrestle games with.  Our older cat is tolerating his presence just fine – which is about as good as we expected from him, although I know he is happy to not be the focus of Pete’s play attention now that he has a more willing playmate.  I’ve attached several pictures of Frank/Anzac in his new home and with his new cat family. 

The perfect cat family!

Thank you so much for helping us to bring this wonderful new kitten into our lives!

Adopted: 9/15/2020