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Featured Volunteers: Rick and Sharon

Rick and SharonAs “reverse snowbirds” (Florida residents who spend their summers in Madison), Rick and Sharon began volunteering at Angel’s Wish last summer. Their love of cats and dogs motivated them to share some of their skills with the remarkable and unique cat adoption/resource center. Rick serves in the front Retail area as cashier/adoption processor/answers phones while utilizing some of his pre-retirement expertise in accounting, facilities management and administrative services. Sharon volunteers in the center covering the fostered cats’ needs for that day, housekeeping chores and helping to connect potential adopters with their new best friend. Her professional careers included teacher, trainer, sales and real estate. Both of us feel that the services that Angel’s Wish provides always puts the needs of the cats first. The center is a Champion for Feline Welfare! The joy that we see when an adoptive family bonds with their new pet and take them home puts big smiles on our faces. We feel blessed and gratified to be a part of this wonderful organization alongside the most wonderful volunteers!