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Happy Ending: Casey


Life with Casey is fun and it does have the usual challenges of a kitten. The difference is this kitten is the size of a full grown cat. He is learning quickly what is and isn’t acceptable. As with, let’s say catlets, he has no boundaries so we are working on that. He does love […]

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Happy Ending: Chester


Hi Lois,  I adopted Chester from Angel’s Wish last Saturday and I just want to let you know that I couldn’t be happier.   I’m pretty sure Chester feels the same way.  He’s an incredible cat and exactly what I was looking for.   I’m totally amazed at how well he’s adjusted.   Within 1/2 […]

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Happy Ending: Olive and Vern (f/k/a Emmie and Soos)


“We’re so happy we were able to provide a forever home Emmie & Soos! They are so sweet, active, and full of character. A few weeks before we visited Angel’s Wish, we lost our beloved cat Oliver. Oliver was buff colored, like Soos, and had long hair, like Emmie. We fell in love with Soos […]

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Happy Ending: Honor

Honor cuddles with one of her new humans

“Honor is such a sweet girl. We brought her home on 02/25/17. It took a few days for her to warm up to us and another day for our other kitty Snow to warm up to her. She loves playing with the kids too. She has had no problem with her new collar and seems to […]

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Happy Ending: Coco (f/k/a Josette)


“Coco (formerly Josette) is doing great at our household. Our first cat (Tilly) is a bundle of energy so we had the two of them separated for about a day. There was a lot of paws under the doors during that time 🙂 super adorable. We started to have them together when we were home […]

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Happy Ending: Sweet Pea (f/k/a Skye)


“Sweet Pea has been just wonderful! I brought her home to family for Thanksgiving and Christmas – she’s so good in the car! I let her sit in my lap for most of those trips, and she did such a good job. My family adores her, of course. She’s also well-loved by her daddy-to-be. I’m […]

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Featured Cat: Jasper and Jackson


These two handsome mini panthers are brothers who want to be adopted together. They are big boys who are about ten months old. Jasper (in front) is the more outgoing of the two, while Jackson is a little quieter. When they are not playing or checking things out, they can be found sleeping together or […]

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Featured Volunteer: Izzy


What is your professional background? I have both an undergraduate and a graduate degree in geology with an emphasis on shale geochemistry and stable isotopes. Why did you choose Angel’s Wish? I chose Angel’s Wish because I truly believe in their mission: to find homes for kitties in need. Everyone at Angel’s Wish is wonderful […]

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Please keep cats indoors


With our unseasonably warm weather, we have been seeing an increase in found cats. Keeping your cat inside is the best way to decrease the possibility of heartache due to your kitty getting lost, stolen, or worse. Even a fenced yard will not keep most cats in. There are so many threats outdoors, including infections […]

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Happy Beginning: Shona


Shona was adopted from Angel’s Wish in the spring of 2015. A short time after her adoption she got out of her new home and disappeared. Eleven months later she was picked up and taken to a veterinarian who scanned her for a microchip, which they found. One wonders how she survived on the streets. […]

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