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Happy Endings: Roo & Nyx (f/k/a Addie & Abilene)

Nyx gets caught mid-blep!

Nyx gets caught mid-blep!

"But I don't really look like a kangaroo..." Roo ponders the mysteries of life.

“But I don’t really look like a kangaroo…” Roo ponders the mysteries of life.

Happy nappers on Dad's lap.

Happy nappers on Dad’s lap!


It’s been just over a week since I adopted Addie and Abilene from Angels Wish, who quickly became Roo and Nyx when they got acclimated in their new home. Roo was a bit shy at first but both of them have been social butterflies almost since the day they came home, soaking up all the attention they can get. They have been doing great roaming around the condo, watching TV with dad and playing with each other. They just had their first vet checkup this weekend and both are as healthy as can be!

Thank you for giving them a home before I could adopt them!
Adopted 9/1/2019