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Happy Endings: Queso & Aria (f/k/a Tormund & Margaery)

Queso & Aria staking their claims on the couch

Queso & Aria staking their claims on the couch

Aria & Queso loving their new cat bed

Aria & Queso loving their new cat bed

A perfect hiding spot--behind the curtains!

A perfect hiding spot–behind the curtains!

Want to give you an update on Queso (Tormund) and Aria (Margaery). They are doing really good so far.

Food: we keep giving them the same type of wet and dry food. They love wet food much better obviously but also eat some dry food. They do not drink a lot of water so I put some water in the wet food.

Litter: all normal. They use and share both boxes.

Vaccine: they got their 2nd dose of FRVPP last Saturday, and they also get a shot for Leukemia. The Rabies will be due in next 4 weeks. They both got a wellness checkup, Aria sneezes a little bit but no fever and no infection. Queso has some ear infection and is on medication now.

Attached are some pictures to share with you and Lori. Queso and Aria got a new bed, soft and warm and a new tree house. They really love that sofa in the first picture and the place behind the window curtain. They bring so much fun to us. We love them!


Adopted 8/22/2015