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Happy Ending: Murphy (f/k/a Barcode)

"Hello, human! No need for socks--I'll keep your feet warm!"

“Hello, human! No need for socks–I’ll keep your feet warm!”

Murphy demands to know who moved his blanket slightly to the elft!

Murphy does his best pirate impression.  “ARRRRR!”

Murphy poses for the photo that will go on the jacket of the book he's writing.

Murphy poses for the photo that will go on the jacket of the book he’s writing.

In March of this year, we adopted Barcode, now known as Murphy. He is absolutely delightful and is a perfect addition to our family. We simply can not imagine life without him.

Murphy was pretty shy the first couple weeks, but quickly warmed up to the family including our cat Freya. It took Freya a bit longer to warm up, but now they are the best of buddies.

If someone were to ask me to describe Murphy in one word, my response would be HAPPY. He is so happy all the time! He loves snuggles, playing, eating, and mostly his family. And we adore him forever and ever.

Thank you to Amy and Angel’s Wish for giving him the best head-start possible. You are our heroes.


Bridget, Lonnie, Elaina, Kendra, Kiersten and the felines Freya and Murphy

Adopted 3/9/2019