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Happy Ending: Frost & Flurry

We adopted Frost and Flurry a week ago. So far, everything is going very well.

Flurry was a bit shy and skittish for the first few days, but she’s very much improved and now seems very comfortable. Frost has done fine from the start.

We’ve been playing with them a lot. They both like chasing after “mice” and especially playing with a fleece tail. They also love to play with each other, and tear around our place, pouncing and jumping on each other. We watch them to make sure that no one is getting too rough, but they seem to moderate themselves fine almost all of the time. All in all, they get along together well and are often very sweet with each other.

Frost likes to look out the window and sometimes plays fetch with a mouse, bringing it back for another toss. Flurry likes to watch TV. They both purr a lot, which we love.

They’ve found a few favorite places to settle down, and we sometimes find them sleeping together in a box or chair

Thanks for making this adoption possible for us. We’re very happy with these two.

Adopted: 12/18/20