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Happy Ending: Aspen (F/K/A William)

Aspen loves his new home! His new parents say he is sweet, gentle, and loves to play. He likes to tease and provoke the dogs, and they usually end up chasing him.

“Tampons (still in the wrapper) is apparently a fun toy. Who knew?? That a teenage bedroom for you I guess.”

After a tiring day of play!

Aspen is very sociable and is a huge snugglebug! His parents say, “We had zero worries about bringing Aspen into our home…aside from introducing him to our two Labradors, two guinea pigs and our other cat.  It can be a lot for people to adjust to this craziness let alone a new cat.  But he has been a champ!”

Sprawling out on the bed (which he seems to have claimed!)

Congratulations to Aspen and his new family!

Adopted 2/14/2021