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Happy Ending: Alchemy (f/k/a Dyson)

Alchemy surveys his kingdom from high atop the window.

Alchemy surveys his kingdom from high atop the window.

Belly rubs while napping--can life get any better? Alchemy doesn't think so!

Belly rubs while napping–can life get any better? Alchemy doesn’t think so!

Alchemy is a West Coast Kitty now! He was a perfect angel on the big drive out to Washington State and provided comfort to his little brother Pogo (adopted while we lived in Michigan). They didn’t cry at all the whole way! Alchemy was a brave boy, didn’t hide in the hotel rooms, and slept with me each night. Now, he and his brother are loving their new home (in what is hopefully our fur-ever city) with lots of sunlight and a new cat tree to climb–which Alchemy learned helps him get to the high windowsill for the best view of his kingdom!

Here are some pictures of Alchemy in our new home (and one of him and his brother during the big trip). He is the most perfect little boy, and I am so glad Angel’s Wish took him in after he waited so long elsewhere.

Adopted 7/11/2015