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Happy Endings : Rikki Nelson (f/k/a : Gizmo)

gizmo and lexi lela1

“It is just about a year since we adopted Gizmo, now Rikki Nelson from you/Angel’s Wish. He is the best kitty one could ever hope for, and then some. Rikki lives with our old kitty Gwen very peacefully, and 4 working therapy dogs. His BFF is our 13 year old blind Border Collie Lexi Lela. […]

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Happy Endings : Stella & Ebony (f/k/a : Bellatrix & Narcissa)

bella and narci

“The last time I wrote, I had only had Bellatrix (Stella) and Narcissa (Ebony) for 10 days.  Bellatrix was willing to be petted, but Narcissa still wasn’t interested.  They were exploring outside of their bathroom, but still spent a fair amount of time in there.  It was great progress, at the time. Since then, things […]

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Happy Endings : Ziva


“I am writing to let you know that Ziva is having a great life in her new forever home!  She is absolutely precious and we will never understand why she was in the shelter for so long.  She has the sweetest personality and is so good.  We have a 3300 square foot ranch home with […]

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Happy Endings : Carl & Skippy

carl and skippy1

“They are doing great. Acclimated quite easily. Good reports from the vet. They are absolutely sweet and adorable! They you for your help!” Nancy

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Happy Endings : Joy & Alicia

Joy and Alicia1

“Mara, Aurora, and I wanted to let you know that things are going well so far with Alicia and Joy. Joy is very rambunctious and wasted no time exploring every inch of the house. She and Aurora have become fast friends and are doing a fine job of wearing each other out. Alicia is definitely […]

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Happy Endings : Mac & Cheese

mac and cheese1

Here they are – Mac and Cheese. Inseparable and loving life 🙂 Josie

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Happy Endings : Milo (f/k/a : Jack Frost)

Jack Frost1

“I wanted to send you a picture of Milo.  He is doing well, but it is slow going.  He still feels most comfortable in his room in his bed.  I have slowly been bringing in my cat and the dogs.  The dogs could care less about Milo, so he doesn’t bother hissing any more.  He […]

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Happy Endings : Izzie (f/k/a : Chikorita)


“After adopting Chikorita, we decided to change her name to Izzie. Her and Polo, her dog brother, are getting along well. She was a little wary at first but has quickly warmed up to having a brother. Overall, she is doing great in her new home. She’s very talkative and loving, cuddling with us every […]

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Happy Endings : Professor Moody


“Just a quick update to let you know Prof. Moody is doing quite well and is very happy.” Robert

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Happy Endings : Ib (pronounced Eeb) (f/k/a : Higgins)


“Here’s the update on Higgins. I was hoping to have a picture of Higgins and Smoke (our first cat) together, but it’s not meant to be yet! Higgins has been renamed Ib (pronounced eeb) and is getting along well at her new home. She’s such a friendly kitty and is taking it in stride when […]

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