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Happy Ending: Tyg (f/k/a Liatta)

Tyg taking a rest after a long day of talking and playing.

Tyg is such an awesome cat! She’s super smart, learns very quickly, and is very sweet and affectionate. She likes to play fetch with her mouse toys, look out the window from the kitty condo, and of course TALK ALL THE TIME, which I love. When she wants to be pet she grabs my hand […]

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Happy Endings: Conner & Shamus

Shamus wastes no time finding a prime napping spot.

Shamus and Conner continue to settle in. They were both our spare bedroom/toy room until yesterday after the vet. Shamus is quite the explorer and Conner is still hiding a bit. The girls are still a little hissy but the boys don’t seem to mind. Both of the boys are getting used to our black […]

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Happy Ending: Lewis

Frannie (buff) shares her throne with Lewis (black & white).

I have an update for you on our kitten adoption – everything is great! Mark and I adopted a kitten (Lewis) from Angels Wish in January to entertain the kitten we previously acquired from a neighbor. We took home a black and white male kitten from Angels Wish on your recommendation – and that you […]

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Happy Ending: Tony (f/k/a Kato)

Tony getting some well-deserved scratches from one of his new humans.

Sending a happy ending with Kato now Tony.   He has been a true blessing in the home. His endless snuggles and love have been so wonderful and we are grateful for him. He loves his toys, and his new sister Yui. They are getting along well. We love him so much!! Thank you for all […]

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Happy Ending: Prue

Prue (black and white) is determined to get that spring  while Remy looks on.

Prue is the sweetest cat. We were all set to let her and Revy slowly get used to each other. Saturday they had some brief meetings, Revy did some hissing but Prue didn’t seem to care. Last night we had them meet again and we got them playing with each other. And then the rest […]

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Happy Endings: Brady & Blackjack

Black Jack waits patients from his staff to return with his treats.

Brady and Blackjack have adjusted very nicely. I got a very large cat tree for them, as you can see, and they absolutely love it. They both sit on the couch with Lionel while he is playing games, occasionally getting up and rubbing up against him for pets. They seem very much at home. I’m […]

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Happy Ending: Josephine (f/k/a Cutie Bug)

Joe poses for a photo in her fur-ever home.

A little over two months ago, I brought Cutie Bug home– now known as Josephine (or JoJo, Joey, Joe Bug, and any number of nicknames we like to give her). This little one-eyed girl has been the funniest, sweetest kitten in the world! Josephine is the cuddliest, spunkiest little kitty I’ve ever met. Sometimes she […]

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Happy Ending: Sammy

"What do you mean I can't be on the counter? I like the counter! Just try to say no to this face!"

Sammy’s doing great!  It took very little time for him to settle into his new home.  He is a perfect fit!  He and our other cat, Dizzy, became friends right away, and he even gets along with our dog Porkfrog!  He’s so affectionate and funny.  Thanks for fostering him!  I’ve attached a couple of his pictures.  […]

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Happy Ending: Fox (f/k/a Crepe)

Willow tries to get in a nap while Fox poses for a photo. "What? She likes it when I do this!"

Fox, formerly known as Crepe, is doing really well. He and Willow are still working out the details of their relationship (he is sort of driving her crazy), but they have a lot of really sweet moments. He is the sweetest and is HILARIOUS, and is finally comfortable falling asleep in our laps. Catherine Adopted […]

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Happy Endings: Cinnamon & Toast

Toast peers down upon his new

    We wanted to let you know that Cinnamon & Toast are doing great!  They seem to have mostly gotten over being so scared and they are out a lot of the time now.  Toast will actually not leave us alone when he’s awake.  He loves attention and playing with his favorite feather toys.  He […]

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