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Happy Endings : Reggie


“Just a note that Reggie is doing very well. He is loved by the whole family and has made himself a nice home with my daughter and her family. Thanks so much! ” Goldy

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Happy Endings : Obi (f/k/a : Luigi)


“Just wanted to give you an update on Luigi! Firstly, his name is Obi now. He very quickly made himself at home and became comfortable with the new surroundings. He loves to lounge on our bed and help me do the dishes. We’re still working on introductions with my original cat; there has been progress […]

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Happy Endings : Oliver & Snoop (f/k/a : Mario and Snoopy)

Oliver and Snoop

“I know we haven’t even had the cats a week but I wanted to give you an update.  We love them!!!!  They are such a great addition to our family and so very funny. After a rough start getting Snoop out of the cage at the shelter and then both of them yowling like crazy […]

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Happy Endings : Miss Kitty (f/k/a: Tiffany)

Miss Kitty1

“Here is Miss Kitty being totally comfortable.  Soon she will have me trained” Thanks, Ruth

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Happy Endings : Carly Simon

Carly Simon1

Carly seems happy here.  She has explored every bit of my condo and basement and I think she approves.  My opinion, of course.  She has found several napping places to favor.  She especially loves my sun room which gets afternoon sunshine.  She has several places in this room where she can relax, nap or look […]

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Need to rehome your pet?


Surrendering your pet to an animal welfare organization should be the last resort if you need to rehome your pet. You are the best advocate for your pet, and you can help them avoid the stress of transitioning from your home, to a shelter/rescue, and then to a new home. Of course, the best solution is […]

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Lost your cat?


Have you lost your beloved feline friend? There are many things you can do to find your cat, including notifying as many people as possible you are looking for a cat and actively taking steps to help your pet return home. Especially with indoor-only cats that have escaped, you must take an active role in […]

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Happy Ending : Bellatrix & Narcissa (F/K/A : Stella & Ebony)


I have decided to name Stella Bellatrix, and Ebony Narcissa.  They are the names of a pair of fictional sisters from Harry Potter with the family name “Black”, which I thought was appropriate.  I will use those names throughout the rest of the email. I should start by saying that they are both doing well.  […]

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Happy Ending : George (F/K/A : Obie)


“We just wanted to update you on how Obie (now George) is fairing! We are in love with him! He gives us kisses and head butts in the morning and loves to play! We finally introduced him to our other kitty Pete and they get along fantastically! They play together, cuddle, and groom  each other. […]

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Happy Ending : Lieutenant Dan & Bubba (F/K/A : Festus & Oakley)


“Festus and Oakley (now Lieutenant Dan and Bubba) are settling in nicely to their new home! They love chasing each other around and playing with everything and anything. It’s been a joy having them around!” Jenny

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