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Happy Endings: Junior & Jasper (f/k/a Little Bits & Squeaker)

Jasper snuggling with big brother Oliver (who loves it, despite playing it cool)

I just wanted to give you a little update on Little Bit (now Junior) and Squeaker (now Jasper). We are absolutely loving the babies! We decided to change Little Bits’ name to Junior because his personality is incredibly similar to our boy Oliver; he got along great with everyone the moment he got here, even […]

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Happy Ending: Beatrice (f/k/a Serafina)

Beatrice, the queen, taking a snooze after a hard day of ruling and playing

I just wanted to let you know that Serafina (now Beatrice) is adjusting very well and seems to enjoy being the queen of the household. She loves her small fish toy and chases it across the hardwood floors. After work and playtime, she is all snuggles. Kari Adopted 2/8/2019

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Happy Ending: Cipher (f/k/a Cinder)

"Can I help you? Do you have an appointment?"

Things are going quite nicely. We re-named him to Cipher, and his acclimation is going quite nicely. He warmed up to our other three cats almost immediately and has gotten comfortable enough just in the past couple of days here to come up to people and let them pet him. We couldn’t be happier with […]

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Happy Endings: Queso & Aria (f/k/a Tormund & Margaery)

Aria & Queso loving their new cat bed

Want to give you an update on Queso (Tormund) and Aria (Margaery). They are doing really good so far. Food: we keep giving them the same type of wet and dry food. They love wet food much better obviously but also eat some dry food. They do not drink a lot of water so I […]

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Happy Ending: Gomez (f/k/a Bobbie McGee)

Gomez sits way up high in the cat tree--Mom, come help me down!

“Hi! It’s Bobbie McGee (or as my mom calls me now “Gomez” after a favorite baseball player or “little nugget”). I’m really enjoying my new home! I have a big sister named Maddie who is 4 years old and didn’t like me the first week I was here, which caused my mom to keep me […]

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Happy Ending: Ellsworth (f/k/a Dewy)

Ellsworth finds a comfortable spot in his new home

Dewy is taking to our family quite well and his new name Ellsworth. He will now come and sit by us and jump in bed.  He and our other cat, Percy, are friends as well. He definitely has found his forever home. Thank you Dale Yurs Adopted 5/30/2015

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Happy Ending: Hermie (f/k/a Macaroon)

Under the stair make a perfect hiding place for little Hermie.

I just wanted to send a little update on Mac, or Hermie as we call him. First day he was there he was very timid and didn’t like to leave the stairs, but he would purr loudly and rub when we pet him. Sunday we got him a calming collar to help ease him into our new […]

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Happy Endings: Noah & Willow

Noah & Willow getting some good cuddles in before nap time

Dropping you a short note to say that Noah & Willow are doing great!   They have bonded with us very quickly and are enjoying playing, sleeping, eating and being kitties.   They are also growing like weeds. We love them! Aren & Sharon Larson Adopted 2/9/2019

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Happy Endings: Bear and Squid (f/k/a Bryce)

Squid-Bear kitty cuddles

  I wanted to write in and give an update on Squid (tabby) and Bear (black). We adopted these older guys in April of 2017, and they have brought us so much joy. They are very much brothers and will snuggle up together and then five minutes later start wrestling and chasing each other around. […]

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Happy Endings: Petey & Rover

How can you say no to Rover's big eyes? (Answer: you can't.)

I am emailing just to give an update on Petey and Rover. I had waited until today as they had their first vet appointment this morning. We really appreciate the fantastic job Kari did with these two cats.  They are so well socialized around both people and other cats.  Even our vet and tech commented […]

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