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Kittens are best in pairs

Two kittens cuddling

Ron and Fred love each other!

Interested in adopting a kitten and don’t already have a feline at home? A single kitten can be a handful! They have lots of energy. A kitten will want much of your time and attention. If they haven’t expended energy during the day, they want to play all night. If you don’t have the time or energy, they will think of ways to entertain themselves that can be destructive or dangerous. As hunters-in-training, kittens instinctively wrestle and play-bite when they are young. If they don’t have a feline playmate, a kitten may bite or scratch you. What seems cute when your kitten is young won’t be acceptable when your cat is full grown and her bites hurt! A second kitten allows the little ones to engage in natural behavior as they mature, without developing habits that could injure people.

Two kittens don’t take up any more room, the additional workload is minimal, and there is more feline love to go around. They entertain themselves with you as the amused observer during the day, and significantly increase your chances of having a good night’s sleep! Over their lifetimes, two cats will be happier and stay healthier.

Here’s a top ten list of why two kittens are better than 1!

  1. You’re saving two lives instead of one.
  2. One kitten can be lonely.
  3. One kitten can drive an older cat nuts.
  4. Two kittens will self-train.
  5. They help each other burn off energy.
  6. Fewer behavior problems.
  7. Curiosity overcomes finicky eaters.
  8. They act as pillows for one another.
  9. Having two kittens is insanely fun.
  10. They will each have a friend for life!

There are many other reasons why two are better than one, so please consider adopting a pair!  A hint on our website–look for kittens with similar names, perhaps first names all starting with the same letter, or kittens named after a theme (movie, TV show characters, books, etc.) When you come to our adoption center or Petsmart East Madison, kittens in the same condo are either siblings or foster siblings.